Hi there -
we have some good news and some bad news ...

The bad news first:
As of July 1st, 2015, BLUWI is no more.

The good news is:
We have two new, exciting companies to take care of you!


From now on you find Timo Blunck and Stephanie Zanatta
at BLUT - www.BLUT.audio, Tel. +49 40 688 79 500


For buyouts regarding BLUWI HAMBURG
please contact Stephanie Zanatta: stephanie.zanatta@blut.audio

If you’re looking for Stefan Will and Kolja Bustorf, they’re at NOT A MACHINE - www.NOTAMACHINE.com, Tel. +49 40 228 676 555


For buyouts regarding BLUWI BERLIN
please contact Kolja Bustorf: kolja@notamachine.com